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NW100. Hotline Night Watchman - Predator Deterrent

NW100. Hotline Night Watchman - Predator Deterrent

Price: - 16.68

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The Night Watchman is a solar powered LED predator deterrent that could stop these unwanted visitors.

It features:

*Ultra bright red LEDs that ward off predators
*Visiblity from up to 800m - 60 degree field of vision
*Solar panel charges battery during the day
*Aproximately 12 hours of operation per 5 hours of sunlight
*LEDs turn on automatically when dusk comes
*Mount on to animal arks and wooden fences

What you need to do:

Mount the Night Watchman on an ark or fence at the eye level of the predator
Depress the switch on the rear to 'auto' and then the LEDs will automatically turn on when dusk comes

Sounds so straight forward!

Info on Batteries:
Over time (approx 1.5 years) the battery will loose capacity reslulting in shorter operation time.
5 hours of sunlight will give approximately 12 hours of operation.