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S16. Gallagher 0.16J Solar Energiser

S16.  Gallagher 0.16J Solar Energiser

Price: - 162.95

RRP: 172.00


Gallagher 0.16J Solar Energiser

The S16 is one the latest compact solar energisers from Gallagher and is ideal for short fences up to 1.5km. The energiser is robust and is easy to install and comes complete with an internal battery.

Works for three weeks without any sunlight
Super strong, fall-resistant, waterproof housing
Quick and easy to install
Built-in lightning protection

  • Maximum Fence Length - 1.5km
  • Integral,Solar Panel
  • 0.16 Joule Stored Energy
  • Auto Power conservation to prevent battery damage
  • Stand adaptor available
  • 7 year manufacturers warranty