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Order Processing

We take care of your order.

From the moment you place your order at countrystoredirect.com we take care to ensure that your order is progressed to the highest standard.

We thought that you might like to know how we do this ...

When you order online we first download your secure transaction and ensure that payment has been received. Your invoice is then raised and stock allocated to fulfil your order. (* 99.8% of items are despatched from our own stock - based on data from August 2014)

Your invoice and delivery details are then sent to our warehouse to be picked by our experienced staff. Your order is then double checked independently by a second member of our team who then takes responsibility to sign it off.

The products you have purchased are then packed using appropriate packaging to ensure that they are adequately protected before being despatched to your address by a reliable carrier, we then notify you by email that your order is on it's way.

Upon delivery we encourage you to open your order as soon as possible to check that all items have arrived and are in good condition.

At CountrystoreDirect we are sure that you will be satisfied with the care that we take in the processing of your order and trust that you will be happy to purchase from us again.