SD-825E.  SportHunter 700m Remote Trainer - by SportDog

SD-825E. SportHunter 700m Remote Trainer - by SportDog

Ref: SD-825E

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Kit Includes:-

Remote Transmitter with removable antenna
Collar Receiver
Training Manual
Operating Guide
Charging Adaptor
Long Contact Points
Belt Clip
Test Light

Transmitter Features:

Weight: 2.2oz (62g)
Intensity Dial: Provides a choice of 7 different levels of stimulation
plus vibration. This also helps to set the mode for the transmitter.
Indicator Light: Indicates when any button is being pressed. - Also serves as a low battery indicator.
Antenna: For maximum range (molded antenna is replaceable)
Upper Button: Factory set to continuous, but can be reprogrammed.
Continuous stimulation will be given for as long as the stimulation button is held down for up to ten seconds.
Lower Button: Factory set to deliver momentary stim but can be reprogrammed.
Momentary stimulation will only give stimulation for 1/10ths of a second, regardless of how long the button is pressed.
Side Button: Factory set to tone (no stim) but can be reprogrammed.
Mode Button: Used to change modes
Charging Jack: For connecting the charger
Although the transmitter is waterproof without the charger cover, keep the cover in place when not charging to keep debris out of the opening.

Receiver Features:

1.2" (3.0cm) tall x 2.6" (6.6cm) wide x 0.75" (1.9cm) thick
Weight: 3.3oz (94g) with collar strap
Neck size: Fits neck sizes approximately 8" (20 cm) to 23.5" (57 cm).
Hex Screws: (3/32 or T10)
On/Off Button: Turns collar on/off also used to reset the collars
Indicator light: Indicates when the collar has been turned on or off. Also serves as a low battery indicator.
Continuous Stimulation: Adjustable using Intensity Knob on the transmitter, 7 levels available.
Maximum time for stimulation 10 seconds; to reactivate stimulation, release and repress Stimulation Button.
Momentary (Nick) Stimulation: Stim delivered for 1/10 of a second regardless of how long the button is pressed.
Stimulation Ranges: Low and medium
Tone: The Collar Receiver will make a rapid beeping noise when a Tone button is pressed.
Vibration: The Collar Receiver will vibrate when a Vibration button is pressed, up to a maximum of 10 seconds.