ScaremHC.  Scare'm Hawk Complete - Bird Scarer

ScaremHC. Scare'm Hawk Complete - Bird Scarer

Ref: ScaremHC

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Scare’m Hawk System
Two great kites for the price of one now come in this pack. Switch and choose for optimum effect. Research has proved that frequent changes in types and methods of bird scaring is the most effective way to keep the birds off your valuable crops. The Hawk, a natural predator and the fast moving Delta make a very good team.

The full kit consists of:
*Hawk kite
*7 metre telescopic pole with rubber caps at each end
*synthetic heavy duty ground post
*2-part 8-plaite 2mm Braided Cord with swivel
*securing line for anchoring during heavy winds
*ground disk to prevent pole from burying itself into soft ground
*comprehensive instructions