HLB100.  Hotline Shrike Battery Powered Energiser

HLB100. Hotline Shrike Battery Powered Energiser

Ref: HLB100

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This compact electric fencing energiser is powered by two 'D' cell batteries or 12v external battery. It is ideal for creating electric fences to protect gardens and ponds from pests like herons, badgers, foxes, cats and dogs. It can easily be hung on a fence post/line or earth stake.

3V Battery Powered (2x Alkaline 'D' cell batteries - included) or 12v battery (not included).
Stored Energy - 0.04J.
Voltage Output - 9500V.
Voltage Output at 500ohms - 580V.
Maximum Effective Fence Length - 0.8km.
Approx battery Life: 3 weeks
Connection Leads included:- Fence Connection Lead, Earth Connection Lead.
Warranty - 3 Years

Not suitable for sheep or poultry electric netting