PIG19-15394  Petsafe Radio Fence for Dogs

PIG19-15394 Petsafe Radio Fence for Dogs

Ref: PIG19-15394

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Transmitter Specs:

Height: 4.75"
Width: 4.25"
Depth: 2.10"
Frequency: 10.65 kHz Standard
Flip up front cover
Dark gray in color
Two red indicator lights (loop and power)
Wire break alarm
Two Boundary Wire terminals
Boundary Width Control Knob
"ABC" Boundary Control Switch

Receiver Collar Specs:

Height: 0.75"
Width: 2"
Depth: 0.75"
Weight: 1.5 oz
Uses 6-volt (RFA-67) Battery (included)
Interchangeable Contact Points (Long and Short)
Concave inside surface (side facing throat)
Curved washers to match concave surface
30 second safety timeout

General Info:

Will transmit up to 10 acres or 850m of wire
Boundary Control Switch Settings: A=Greater than 2,400, B=up to 1,300, C=1,300-2,400 feet
One level of correction
Audible Warning
Should be installed in a dry and protected environment
Boundary wire must be copper and must be insulated
Uses 14-20 gauge wire
Boundary Width is 20% Warning Zone and 80% Static Correction Zone