SP10W 10 watt Solar Battery Charger Panel and Stand

SP10W 10 watt Solar Battery Charger Panel and Stand

Ref: SP10W

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If you are tired of expending electricity and muscle power bringing your energiser batteries in to charge then solar power is your answer. We offer simple solar assist panels which connect directly to your 12v battery, extending the period between battery charges or cutting out the need for battery charges altogether.
The level at which the panel will extend the life of your battery is dependent on the power of your fencer and the duration and strength of available light. The stronger the fencer, the more quickly it will draw power from the battery and the less time the panel has to replace the charge. The ability of the panel to produce and replace the energy used by your energiser is indicated by the watt capacity of the panel, so a 10 watt panel will replace the charge quicker than a 5 watt.
The Hotline 10w panel is now supplied with a fitted charge controller and with a sturdy mounting stand.

To achieve an autonomous system higher watt panels can be used in conjunction with a charge controller allowing a more rapid replacement of charge but without over-charging the battery. Please note that this panel is not supplied with a voltage regulator.

Power rating - 10 watts
Voltage - 12 volts
Integral voltage regulator
Panel size - 38cm x 30cm (approx 1ft3 x 1ft)
Overall height above ground including stand - 65cm (2ft2)