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50m Pig Kit Gate Add-on

50m Pig Kit Gate Add-on

Price: - 60.95

RRP 80.50

Pig kit gate addon with two wooden posts and 1.8mm Polycord – add multipe entry points to your pig pen

Power Info

The pig kit gate addon includes eight handles and anchors so that you can easily unhook one side of the gate for access or both sides to temporarily remove the gate. In addition to this we include 100m of 1.2mm polycord so that up to a 50m of two line gate can be created.

What's Included

This kit includes all you need to set up a 2-line 50m electric fence gate with two 1200mm wooden stakes, and 100m of 1.6mm polycord fence line. This kit also includes four premium gate handles to allow easy access to the fenced off area, or quick removal of the gate entirely.


Installation of this kit is very straight forward – your instructions will be sent via email, however if you have any questions please get in touch and we can talk you through installation. It is possible to extend your fence and we would be happy to advise on the best way to do this if required.

To see a full list of items included in the kit please click on the 'more product information' link below.

To view or download kit instructions - click here