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516 Foal Birth Alarm Mobile Premium including antiroll girth

516  Foal Birth Alarm Mobile Premium including antiroll girth

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Foal Birth Alarm Mobile Premium including anti-roll girth

Birth Alarm is a foaling alarm system. This patented system is unique and super easy to use, while it is also very horse friendly. It warns in advance of the imminent birth of a foal. With its 99% reliability, Birth Alarm is one of the most valued and reliable foaling alarm systems.

Birth Alarm Mobile Premium (Smart) works like the Birth Alarm Mobile, but offers the option to attach the transmitter to the headcollar of the horse. Some horses prefer this. Notifies you of contractions via a maximum of four mobile phone numbers. The transmitter is attached to the mares back in an anti roll girth or to the halter and can be used both indoors and out. Can also send a message by SMS. Very easy to install and operate. You can also receive SMS updates on the battery levels, the number of contractions, the settings and the network coverage. Delivery including anti roll girth.

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