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Ecohoof Control Footbath 4kg

Ecohoof Control Footbath 4kg

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Ecohoof have formulated a new footbath product to be used regular as a preventative footbath:
Hoof Control hoofs
Hoof Control is an environmentally friendly, easy to use, walk through footbath product, suitable for use on dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep.
Fully Biodegradable
Environmentally safe to dispose of in the slurry pit.
Contains detergents to assist absorption of active ingredients
Effective for a minimum 21 days after diluting
Chlorine and Phosphate Free
Hoof Control Footbath effectively kills and deters build-up of bacteria, while offering a powerful cleanser and deodoriser and effective against many Pathogens. HOOF CONTROL comes in a handy 4KG tub which can make 1000 litres (10 x 100 litres)


Using HOOF CONTROL: Simply fill the footbath with water, add the HOOF CONTROL granules to the required rate: 400 grams per 100 litres.

Watch your footbath change colour & stir until all granules are dissolved. This should take under 20 seconds per 100 litres.

The HOOF CONTROL footbath is now ready for the animals to pass through the bath. The footbath, will start to work immediately, staying on the hooves up to 24 hours leaving a pleasant fragrance

For best results HOOF CONTROL can be used in conjunction with Ecohoofs Blue Clay Shoes