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P25-300. Hotline Small Clutched Reel

P25-300.   Hotline Small Clutched Reel

Price: - 34.64

RRP - 40.42

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Despatched from UK stocks

The P25-300 reel is fitted with a clutch pad to prevent over-running and to keep the wire taut.

The reel will hold up to:

300 metres of Polywire
300 metres of Galvanised Wire
100 metres of Electric Rope
100 metres of Electric Fence Tape (Tape up to 12mm diameter)

This reel will fit on to the PR2 Reel Fixing Fence Post by screwing into the holes on the post or another 10mm diameter fence post.

(The reel itself has dimensions as follows:- reel diameter – 20cm, reel core – about 8cm, width – 7.5cm).