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Mains Powered Fence Energisers

HMI2500. Hotline Roc 2500 Mains Energiser

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Hotline Roc 2500 - Mains Energiser 

The Hotline Roc 2500 is the first product from a new generation of Hotline intelligent, high power 230v energisers.

The Roc 2500 is a 7 stored joule energiser with a 25 joule boost mode that will handle most unforseen problems that may bring your fence voltage down to an unsecure level.  The LED fence indicator offers a quck visual guide on how effecient your fence is operating while the LCD screen gives you detailed voltage information.  There are two user definded low voltage alarms that can be set in the menu which can drive a 12v external siren to give you real time wanring if your voltage drops below the required level.  Battery back up connection will mean seamless use in the event of mains power loss.  The indicatior will monotor the battery charge level which will be trickle charged when mains power is available. (Note:  Please note siren is not included and external 12v battery required 70Ah leisure battery also not included).



  • Time delay warning light - The blue indicator light lets you know that your energiser is entering boost mode to maintain an effective voltage on your fence.
  • Battery back-up indicator - Charge level indicator for 12v battery back-up.
  • LED fence indicator -  A quick visual indicator to let you know how your fence is performing.
  • Earth terminals - Earthing is an impoartant but over looked aspect of a good electric fence system.  The twin terminals allow easy connection of multiple earth stakes if soil conditions are poor.
  • Battery back up connection - Rear connection for external 12v battery back-up.
  • External alarm connection - rear connection for extarnal alarm.
  • Live terminal - Live output terminal. Closed design to protect user.
  • Return terminal - Measure your fence voltage at the point of return to give greater insight into how your fence is performing.
  • Menu Control - Menu options and standby interface.
  • LCD display - Backlit LCD screen offering easy to read fence info and visual menu for alarm settings.


What's included:

  • Lower setting - 7 stored joules, 4.8 joules output
  • Boost 25 joules stored, 13.75 joules output on higher setting
  • 220-240v mains input or 12v battery back up input
  • Wall mount
  • Voltage Alarms
  • LCD Display
  • LED fence monitor
  • Dual earth terminals (2 min earth stakes required)
  • Battery back up monitor
  • High and low output terminals


Time delay boost mode:

High powered enrgisers have a greater petential to harm humans and animals, especially if a situation arrises where multiple shocks could be received.  Boost mode ensures an energiser can increase power to maintain effective fence voltage in a way that is safe as possible.  An increase in energy is only delivered to the fence following a series of delays and alarms to ensure a temporary heavy load, which could be an animal or person, has time to get clear of the fence.

Ideal for long boundary fences, large equestrian set ups and all livestock and predators.

Max 50km, 30 sheep nets or 20 poultry nets in ideal conditions on the higher setting.  5 year warranty.


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