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SCARE180. Scarecrow 180 Bio-Acoustic Bird Dispersal System

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Scarecrow 180 Bio-Acoustic Bird Dispersal System

A humane and inoffensive system exploiting natural bird behavour. Scarecrow uses naturally occuring bird distress calls to deter other birds.

Scarecrow 180 is a fully automatic, standalone, random play system that is able to work without human intervention. It can be powered by 15v DC (100v/250) ac mains power, leisure battery or solar power.

There is a built in key pad to control settings on the system and it has an optional security pin access feature for additional safety. It is fitted with a build-in adjustable light sensor and includes 10 standard distress calls.

It has three built in speakers and by using variable volume and alternation between the speakers creates a natural perception of predator movement.

Two key functions the units has are:

Variable volume - Distress calls are most effective when played at a natural level to the birds so they perceive the threat to be real therefore our system have a variable volume function built it. This means that the unit will automatically play at a low level and then increase in volume (to the maximum set level) so birds at different distances from the unit will hear the call at a natural level

Sweeping Effect - A distress call is only broadcast naturally when a bird has been caught by a predator, therefore our systems have a sweeping effect built in which means that the distress calls are randomly broadcast out of different speakers to give the effect of a bird caught by a live predator flying around

The system is supplied as standard with either a mains PSU or a battery lead (for powering from a 12v battery) however a "Solar Option" can also be purchased so the unit is powered by solar power

If you have further questions about this birdscaring system please get in touch - 01368 440140 or [email protected]

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