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HM500. NEW DESIGN... Hotline Condor 3.9J Mains Powered Energiser

HM500.  NEW DESIGN... Hotline Condor 3.9J Mains Powered Energiser

Price: - 236.57

RRP - 276.00

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Hotline Condor- Mains Energiser (NEW DESIGN 2023)

The Hotline Condor Mains Energiser - check out the design and features. The Condor is a powerful mains energiser that can power up to 40km or up to 15 x 50m poultry nets on its highest setting. This gives you lots of flexibility with your electric fencing set ups. The Condor mains energiser has dual output with LED fence performance monitor and battery back up input.

A mains energiser for robust and general farm use. Has the advantage of double output terminals with high/low settings.


*5 joules stored, 3.9 joules output on higher setting
*220-240v mains input or 12v battery back up input
*Wall mount
*LED fence monitor
*Dual earth terminals (2 or more earth stakes required if soil conditions are poor)
*Battery back up monitor
*Battery leads
*High and low output terminals

Ideal for long boundary fences, large equestrian set ups and all livestock.

Max 40km, 25 sheep nets or 15 poultry nets in ideal conditions on the higher setting. 5 year warranty.

Note: Please note this enerigser will require lead out cable if run off mains and a minimum 70Ah leisure battery if run off 12v battery.